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One of the most complete, natural breastfeeding support formulas featuring time honored herbs and researched ingredients.*

Featured Ingredients:

• Every single ingredient in Lactation Blend lends supportive function towards milk flow, as well as secondary and tertiary supportive functions for the mother and/or nursing infant*
• Digestion support for both mother and baby comes from Fennel and Milk thistle; Milk thistle also supports the liver for mother and baby*
• Enrichment of the milk with nutrient dense Nettles and Raspberry
• Calming support for both mother and baby from Hops and Oatstraw*
• Time honored herbs supporting lactation: Fenugreek, Vervain*
• Chaste tree berry promotes milk production, especially after the first two weeks of supplementation*


Promotes milk flow with supportive botanicals. This formula features herbs with centuries of experience from midwives as well as modern clinical research results.*

LactationBlend 60 caps

  • Serving Size: 1 Capsule. Serving Per Container: 60

    Borage Seed Oil Extract  35mg

    Fengugreek Seed Extract (10:1) - Trigoella foenum graecum 25mg

    Milk Thistle Seed Extract - Silybum Marianum 20 mg

    Fennel Seed Foeniculum Vulgare 100mg

    Nettles Laef - Urtica Dioica 70mg

    Blessed Thistle Aerial PArts - Cnicus Benedictus 70mg

    Vervain Aerial Parts - Vernena Officinalis 70mg

    Hops FLower - Humulus Lupulus 45mg

    Oatstraw Aerial Parts- Avena Sativa 45mg

    Red Raspberry Leaf - Rubus Idaeus 40mg

    Goats Rue Leaf Galega Officinalis 40mg

    Chaste Tree Berry Vitex Agnus Castus 35mg

    Other ingredients:
    vegetarian capsule(cellulose and water), May contain gluten.

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