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Naturopathic Pediatrics


In this country, our children are becoming increasingly over-medicated.  As a trained Primary Care Physician, Dr. Parker

provides Naturopathic Pediatric Care throughout

childhood and adolescence. 

Well-Baby Exams
Whether your baby was born at home or in the hospital, Dr. Kai Parker offers comprehensive examinations to all babies, immunized or non-immunized, to ensure that they are receiving the best and most natural care they can get during the first year of life.  She provides breastfeeding and lactation support as well as a thorough nutritional evaluation of the baby's mother.  Dr. Parker uses conventional science and ancient wisdom to provide the most thorough care for your baby.

Naturopathic Pediatrics
Dr. Parker has specialized, advanced training in Naturopathic Pediatrics and treats acute and chronic conditions in children of all ages.  She believes that many childhood conditions can be treated by simply removing the "obstacle to cure", which she discovers by taking the time understand the nutritional and lifestyle habits of the children and the parents.  Dr. Parker believes in using the most natural, least invasive therapies and will give your child the best opportunity to have a healthy childhood.

Naturopathic Adolescent Medicine
The adolescent period ranges from the last year of elementary school to the early college years.  Naturopathic Adolescent Medicine incorporates gynecology, endocrinology, sports medicine, nutrition, dermatology, and psychology.  Dr. Parker uses natural therapies to gently and effectively treat conditions that often show up in the adolescent years, such as acne, eating disorders, menstrual disorders, sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse, and mental illnesses.

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